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Weight Loss Therapy Does It Really Work?

Summertime is here, which means we’re all taking a closer look at our not-so-swimsuit-ready bodies. Whether you’ve struggled with your weight for a while or you’ve recently put on a few pounds, you may be exploring weight loss techniques to try. Fad diets and miracle pills are never beneficial in the long term, but diet and exercise may not be sufficient on their own. What’s the ultimate solution? Weight loss therapy. What Is Weight Loss Therapy? Weight loss therapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy that focuses on lifestyle changes that promote weight loss. Diet and exercise impact the physical element of losing weight. Therapy tackles the mental side. If you can get your mind and body working in unison, you are more likely to lose weight and keep it off.

Our Goals

Here are some goals of weight loss therapy: Look for issues that may be causing you to hold onto weight – stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Change the way you view food, exercise, and other aspects of weight loss. Find healthy coping mechanisms for stress, sadness and anger. For instance, if you use food as a source of comfort, you can find alternative options that provide the same joy without weight gain. Identify outside factors that make you more prone to gaining weight, such as poor sleeping habits or inconsistent eating schedules. Change the way you see your body to reverse the effects of body dysmorphia (seeing yourself bigger or smaller than you actually are). The process is completely personalized to fit your needs and goals. Weight loss therapy may not make you lose weight on its own, but it can significantly improve the effects of diet and exercise.